Uttaraloka mountains

Going Deeper Retreats at Uttaraloka

"More and more of less and less" - Sangharakshita

From Spring 2018 Guhyaloka will be providing for two three-month retreats every year at nearby Uttaraloka. They will be for men who know, more or less, what they need to do to go deeper in their meditation, study, and reflection, with the help of spiritual friends, in the context of a community life. It is for those who want to 'Go Forth from the World' for a while so as to deepen their experience of samatha and vipassana, with minimal external distractions and the support of a beautiful physical environment where one can truly live with the dakinis. The program will be a basic Triratna retreat program with communal meditation and chanting, meals, 'chapter meetings' and seven-fold puja. Any other activities, seminars perhaps, or silent periods, would be decided as and when by the community. There will be a few work days to help maintain Uttaraloka.

Each retreat will initially be for five men and the cost is 2100 Euros. The first two retreat started on May 8th and the retreat starting on October 9th is fully booked.

We have two 3-month retreats in 2019 starting May 7th and October 8th.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in applying to come on either retreat please contact us.

Why not take a really deep look into your mind - Think about it, and seriously consider this opportunity.

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Shrine Room - Autumn 2018